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Reason #3 Your Company Needs A Website: Get Control Of The Information and Branding Of Your Business

One of the most difficult things that a company deals with in our day and age is managing its online presence. Have you ever had the experience of someone changing your hours, phone number, address, or even "closing your business" on your Google Business Listing or Facebook Business Listing? Or how about somebody changing the category of your business? More than likely, you've experienced the customer that has done their best to sabotage your business by leaving negative reviews everywhere they can or even writing nasty blog posts about you and your business. A lot of these you are unable to control due to Google, Facebook, and other social media's terms and conditions.

So, why not have a place that you can control the image of your brand? You need a website to do just that!

Having a website for your business insures that there is a place for your business online that only you can change the image, business hours, address, promotions, reviews, etc. Besides that, Google often will compare a user's change that they're trying to implement to the company's website to see if indeed it is a legitimate change. However, if you don't have a website to compare the change to, it's more likely to be changed without you knowing about it.

Let us build you a beautiful, modern designed website at an affordable cost. Get your business online today and let AZ Web Dr. create your dream!

Give us a Call Today at 928-421-3772 or visit our website @ for more details.

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