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Does my business REALLY need a website?

One of the most common questions that a business owner asks in 2019 when they are starting out is, "Does my business really need a website?" Perhaps, you have asked this question yourself which has led you to read this blog post. Or, maybe you're looking for reasons to enforce the need you're feeling to have a website for your business. Either way, I am going to explain the 5 top reasons that your business needs a website.

1. Open for Business 24/7

When your business has a website, whether you're in the office or not, awake or asleep, in town or on vacation, your business is open! Customers are able to purchase products, schedule services, request estimates, and much more without you being on the clock.

2. Educate Customers About Your Business

Without a website, you are limited to word of mouth and other forms of publications. With a website, you get the freedom to educate your customers as much as you would like to about who your company is through videos, articles, images, and more.

3. Improves Credibility and Legitimacy of Your Brand

We live in a generation that does more research before making a purchase than ever before. To not have a website is an automatic strike against the credibility and legitimacy of your business. However, on the other hand, when your business does have a website, it makes your business more credible to your potential customers in their research process.

4. Target a Larger Market

Automatically your business becomes larger when you decide to create a website for it. Why? Because instantly, your business is exposed to the rest of the 7 billion people in the world that previously didn't know you existed. Greater exposure for businesses is always the better choice!

5. Competitor Business Websites

Simply enough, all of your local, statewide, national, and world competitors have a website. If you want to compete for business they're getting from being online, then you also need to have a website.


As you can see, your business needs a website, no matter how small or large you think you currently are. Contact us today to see how easy it can be to get your website online.

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