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#1 Reason Your Business Needs A Website: Your Potential Clients Are Online

More than likely, you have your Business name on business cards, flyers, vehicles, etc. Hopefully, you have a phone number, maybe an address, or another way for your customers to contact you. These forms of advertisement are all great, until they go online (where Americans spend an average 23-24 hours per week), do a search for your business, and then they can't find you? That's not okay!

81% of Americans do research on a product before they buy it. Where are they researching? Online! That means that if you don't have a website, this is an easy way to lose your current or potential customers to other businesses that DO have a website. Your clients are expecting you to be online if you are a legitimate business and when you are not, there are studies which show that not only does your customer's experience suffer, but also your credibility takes a hit.

There was an interesting research done in 2016 by Brightlocal, that shows, that clients do expect Businesses to have a website. 80% of participants in the age between 18 – 54 say, that they are more likely to contact a business if the business has a website.

What business that is growing or wants to grow doesn't want new customers and clients? Who doesn't want to be found when a customer is searching for them or their services online?

Having a website gives your business credibility to potential clients, gives your customers more information about your company, and ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

You can get your new website started today! AZ Web Dr. is here to help get you started. Have a tight budget? We can work with you! Give us a call today at (928) 421-3772 or visit our website for more information. We are locally owned and operated and simply want to help your business succeed.

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